Should you spy on your kids?

Cartoon of a drone following two boys. One boy says, "My mom doesn't trust us!"Drones are making it easier to take pictures whether people are wanting it or not. I saw a drone hovering the other day and wondered what it would be like if a parent used one to continually keep track of his children.

So if you had the ability to continually spy on your kids, would you do it? When does it become an issue of trust vs. safety?

What to do when your hair has a mind of its own

Cartoon of a girl with wild hair

Cartoon of two girls. One has wild hair. The other says, “That’s crazy. Your hair really DOES have a mind of its own.”

Bad hair days can get you down. I feel for people that experience unruly hair. I have memories of those times. Unfortunately, as I get older, that becomes less and less of a problem.

I drew this cartoon when my daughter was experiencing a really bad hair day. She was young enough then to go with the flow. Now when she says she has a bad hair day, I can’t see the difference. It looks as beautiful as any other time. Maybe I’m looking at her with Dad-colored glasses. Or maybe I no longer notice when hair takes control of a poor individual.