West Palm, Spring Break, and Palm Sunday

Cartoon of two children with palm branches
Last month, I got to spend spring break in Florida with my wife and daughter. Each time I’ve gone down for spring break, palm branches would be on my mind. For a kid from Indiana, they are exotic. But in Florida, they are as common as Indiana maple leaves. 

When something is common to us, it loses its meaning. To the disciples, that Sunday when Jesus entered Jerusalem could have been just another amazing day with their teacher. They had three years of amazing days. It may have felt common. But soon, they would realize how amazing that event was. In less than a week, the crowd would turn on the one they praised with “Hosannas.”

I drew this in 2010 for Kidzmatter Magazine

Fishy Mascot

Cartoon of a teacher with a fish mascot.Cartoon of kids in a classroom. A teacher and a guy dressed as a fish are standing. The teacher says,”Mr. Myers is going to help me tell the story of Jonah.” Continue reading “Fishy Mascot”

Spiritual Mupp-mentoring

Cartoon of a man and a puppet

Cartoon of a guy and a puppet. The guy says, “It’s kind of embarrassing to admit my spiritual mentor is a puppet.”

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