Sketchbook 0903, page 067

A few weeks ago, I drew this set of kids and moms at church.
I liked the expressions of the kids. It’s as if they were nervous because two parents were communicating. Kids get nervous whenever adults band together in the same way parents fear organized kiddie coups.

I drew this in pencil

Crime Scene-Boy takes pencil

Crime Scene-Boy takes pencil, originally uploaded by speartoons.

This is an illustration I did last year for a children’s curiculum. It was talking about whether stealing was ever okay and if there were different levels of stealing.

This illustration is copyrighted by Church of God Ministries. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

I drew this in Adobe Illustrator

Matching Names

This is part of an activity I just illustrated. The activity is to match a name with what each child is doing. For example, who would have the name, Rose? Hunter?

Illustration Friday: Hide

Caption reads: “Hi, Bob. Have you seen Frank? I need him to help in the nursery.”

My wife is a children’s director for our church. You would be right if you supposed I have heard similar words before. About ten years ago, I would be hiding like this guy. But now I realize it’s great to be in children’s ministry. I like to see the future. And I’m not scared when I see it. They have more potential than us grumpy, proper grown-ups!