Have a Merry Christmas Joy Ride!

Cartoon of Santa chasing a sleigh full of mischievous elvesCartoon of santa running after his sleigh. Elves are in the sleigh and they look like they are having the time of the life. The caption says, “Thanks to a joy ride, Christmas was nearly canceled!”

I loved this cartoon when I first wrote it because it reminded me of a childhood fantasy. I used to wonder what it would be like to take a ride in Santa’s sleigh. Wouldn’t it be great to take a ride across the countryside on Christmas Eve? All the Christmas lights and moonlight would reflect on the new snow, Smoking chimneys fill the air with the smell of hickory, oak and pine. Never mind that there is probably no seat belts in the sleigh and the airbags have never been tested!

By the way, don’t try this at home, kids. You can’t get a hold of Santa’s sleigh and the only joy ride should be with certified, licensed elves.

May you have a blessed, Merry Christmas!

Watch your sleigh, Santa!

Cartoon of Santa chasing his runaway sleigh

Cartoon of Santa chasing his sleigh. The caption reads, “Thanks to a joy ride, Christmas was nearly canceled!”

I don’t know why Santa would trust those elves. They always looked a little too mischievous for my taste.

Google is helping Santa Claus this year. Apparently, you can track where he’s at using Santa’s Dashboard.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas. And if you hear a clatter on your rooftop, it may be those crazy elves taking a joy ride!

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Cartoon: Beverage for Santa

cartoon of a boy meeting Santa Claus at his house

Cartoon of a boy meeting Santa on Christmas Eve. The boy says, “Merry Christmas Santa. Would you like a refreshing beverage?”

This little guy looks like he is ready to be a customer service representative some day. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Cartoon: Christmas Stress

Cartoon of a boy with a wreath on his head


It’s that time of year where the stress level goes through the roof. I wonder if the mom in this cartoon placed the wreath on the boy’s head in an absent-minded frenzy or in frustration. Either way, it’s going to be extra hard for this boy to be good until Christmas!