Easter Sunrise

Cartoon of boy and mom with sunriseCartoon of boy and mom with sunrise. The boy is grumpy. He says, “Why can’t they make the Easter sunrise service later in the day?” Continue reading “Easter Sunrise”

Cartoon: Palm Sunday in Florida

Cartoon of two children with palm branches

Cartoon of  two children with palm branches. One says, “I thought Palm Sunday was when everyone went to Florida for spring break.”

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Cartoon: Idol Oath

Cartoon of a choir oath.

Cartoon of an idol oath

Cartoon of two men in choir robes. One holds a Bible and says, “As a new choir member, you must take an oath that you will never appear on ‘American Idol.’”

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Cartoon: Roosting in the Balcony

Cartoon: Roosting in the Balcony

Cartoon: Roosting in the balcony

Cartoon of  a couple in a balcony. A pigeon is rosting next to them. The wife says, “That’s why I don’t like sitting in the balcony.

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Illustration Friday: Super Heroes

Cartoon of a boy and a pastor.
Boy to Pastor: “But why doesn’t our church reach out to super heroes?”

This week’s Illustration Friday theme reminded me of a cartoon I did some years back. As a boy, I wondered were those super heroes were in real life. I found out later many were closer than I thought. One of them lived right in my house and went by the alias, “Dad.”