Boards, Committees and Servant Leadership

Cartoon of two men looking at a wad of paper. One says, "We need to form a committee to decide who will pick up this trash."

When it comes to the balance of power, boards and committees can be tricky. Some believe their goal is to tell other people what to do. Others don’t have a clue how to get the ball rolling on tasks as simple as picking up some trash. Continue reading “Boards, Committees and Servant Leadership”

Quality Assured Sermons

Cartoon of a pastor saying, "I must remind you my sermons are recorded for quality assurance."

I wonder how differently I’d act if I knew every word I said was recorded? Would the quality of my words be assured? I’d like to think I would be fine with all the words I’ve said. Yet I know if someone recorded all the words I said yesterday, I would not be proud. Continue reading “Quality Assured Sermons”

Dealing with Broken and Cracked People

Cartoon of one woman saying to another, "Sure we're all broken people, but Frank is just cracked!"

We all deal with stuff. Some of us deal with difficult, gut-wrenching stuff. Then there are others who react to difficulties in unconventional ways.  Continue reading “Dealing with Broken and Cracked People”

Snowmen and Eternal Life

Cartoon of boy saying to a snowman, "Psst! I know where you can get eternal life."

I thought of this idea when I watched Frosty the Snowman during Christmas and thought of our desire to live beyond our normal lifespan. Morbid? I don’t think so. As it says in Psalm 90:12, “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

We may disagree on faith and theology, but most likely, we can agree there is a part of us that wants to live beyond our physical bodies. There is something in us that wants to live eternally. Our physical bodies are as fragile as a snowman. But our soul longs for Something much more.

I drew this for the January 2016 CHOGNews Newsletter: CHOGNews

No-Shave November for Youth Pastors

Cartoon of a woman telling a bearded man, "The church bylaws ban youth pastors from participating in No Shave November."

Sometimes, a little facial hair can raise the ire of the local church lady. It’s not that it is spiritually offensive. I propose it is because the scruffy look reminds Eunice of her younger years when she dated her dear Grover.

Happy No-Shave November!

I drew this cartoon for the November, 2015 Church of God Newsletter.