Smelly Music

Cartoon of two choir members. One says, “We have to do something about these old, smelly choir robes. No matter how many times I wash mine, my dog still wants to roll around on it.”

Teaching with a Burning Passion

Cartoon of a teacher and students getting soaked. The caption reads, Mark’s portrayal of “Moses and the burning bush” didn’t agree with the sprinkler system.

This week’s word for Illustration Friday is “burning.”

Do Not Disturb

Cartoon of  a church receptionist and an angel. The receptionist says, “Even if you are Gabriel, Pastor Dave is busy.”

In, Out and Saved

Cartoon of a pastor's office

Cartoon of a pastor at a desk. His inboxes are labeled, In, Out and Saved.

I drew this for the September, 2010 edition of the Church of God newsletter.

Bump, Set, Sing

Cartoon of three volleyball players in choir robesCartoon of three people in choir robes. They are in front of a volleyball net. The caption reads, “No matter the event, Choir Camp had a rigid dress code.” Continue reading “Bump, Set, Sing”