This may take a while, Pastor!

Cartoon of a man kneeling at an altar. He says to a pastor, "I've had quite a week. So you might as well get comfortable."

Confession is good for the soul. But it occasionally backfires. I’ve been in a situation where I apologized to someone for an offense I was sure I committed so long ago. Then to my surprise, the person didn’t remember it. At least they didn’t until I brought it up again. Either they learned to forgive and forget, or my conscience betrayed me into confessing something no one remembers I did.

However, an altar call and some confession really is good for the soul. Too many people carry a heavy burden of guilt and shame. It is good to get it out there with a compassionate pastor. But if you keep having “one of those weeks,” perhaps it’s time to talk with your pastor about some ways to be led not into temptation!

I drew this for the July 2017, Church of God E-newsletter.


Confession is good for the Loot

Cartoon of  a boy on Santa Claus’ lap. Boy says, “If I confess stuff, will I get more loot?”

Something about Santa and his throne has always made me uneasy. It felt more like a confession booth to me. I was sure he would penetrate the deep, dark places of my soul and find a reason not to give me that souped up Batmobile!