Volunteers and Fruit Hats

Cartoon of a man wearing a fruit hat. A woman says, "You make a fine volunteer. Only yo could wear the Fruit of the Spirit hat so well."Children’s ministry volunteers are called upon to wear unique costumes. I’ve dressed as a mad scientist, superhero and a construction barrel. Yes, a construction barrel. I had to get in touch with my inner highway barricade. Continue reading “Volunteers and Fruit Hats”

Candy Just For Being You!

Cartoon of a boy dressed as a jack o lantern and a hairy monster. The boy says, "At least this time of year, you get candy just for being you!"This weekend, kids and monsters will either go “bump” or “burp” in the night. Hairy monsters do not have to fear the manic clippers of the local hair stylist. Children will go from door to door seeking sugary rewards for dressing up like their favorite licensed character.

Monsters will have the added benefit of fitting right in. What better way to play up to your gift set? I hope everyone will have a safe, happy weekend. Even if you’re a monster, be sure to wear light clothing. The reflective vests are even better!

Pumpkin Seated

Cartoon of a baby in a pumpkin costume and a boy. The boy says, “”Get used to it. They will continually find new ways to humiliate you.”

Closet of Horrors

Cartoon of a boy and an older man. The boy says, “I need a Halloween costume. Can I look through your closet?”

One of the nice things I like about the Goodwill Stores is it’s like going through someone else’s closet and finding the perfect costume for Halloween. An added benefit is I don’t alienate my neighbors.

Guaranteed Loot

Cartoon of a boy at a cash register. He is holding a costume. He asks, “Is this Halloween costume guaranteed to get me the most loot?”

As you prepare for Halloween, just remember, the costume makes the ghoul.