Illustration Friday: Expired

Cartoon of couple at a candlelight dinner

Cartoon of a couple at dinner. The woman says, “Our relationship is like the milk in your refrigerator, Harold. It has expired.” Continue reading “Illustration Friday: Expired”

Cartoon: Pride and Humility

Cartoon: Proud of my humility

Cartoon: Pride and Humility

Cartoon of a couple at a coffee bar. The boy says, “What? All I said was I’m proud of my humility.”

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Cartoon: Roosting in the Balcony

Cartoon: Roosting in the Balcony

Cartoon: Roosting in the balcony

Cartoon of  a couple in a balcony. A pigeon is rosting next to them. The wife says, “That’s why I don’t like sitting in the balcony.

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Illustration Friday: Subterranean

Illustration Friday cartoon: Subterranean.”

Cartoon of woman spying a periscope in her backyard.

Cartoon of  woman in backyard. She sees a periscope poking up from the lawn. She says, “Henry! Get the cat! The moles are back.” Continue reading “Illustration Friday: Subterranean”