Why my Dad is the best dad


You may disagree with me. In fact, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt since I probably haven’t met your dad. However, I believe my dad is the best dad I could have ever had. Here is why I believe that:

  1. He is a man of integrity. He says what he means and commits to all products he says yes to.
  2. He is a man of quiet strength. Yet he has always spoken when he has needed to.
  3. He is an example of a loving husband and dad. Through his example, I was taught each day how to be those things.

On this Father’s Day, I want to give a big thank you to Edgar Spear. You’re still the number one dad in my book!

Prayer Requests

Here’s a post I made in 2006.

“Remember me in your prayers. When my dad finds out I stratched the car with my bike, I’ll need all the prayers I can get!”

You get all kinds of interesting prayer requests in a Sunday school class. I have a feeling I uttered a similar requests once. Though I don’t remember scratching Dad’s car, I did plenty of other things. I’m thankful Dad was gracious when I messed up. By the way, Happy birthday, Dad!

Cartoon: Bless Dad while Mom is gone

Caption reads: “Bless Mom on her trip. And bless this food even though all Dad knows how to make is cereal.”

The other day, my wife claimed if it wasn’t for her, I would not have been able to survive. It sounded like she believes all my instincts for surviving in the wild have been sucked out of my soul. I disagree. I could find wild berries with the best of them. Of course, I have no idea which are safe to eat and which are poisonous. Maybe she has a point.

I’ll continue helping with dinner while she directs the kitchen. Sounds like I have a good thing going.

Grilling Dad

Cartoon of a dad at a gas grill

Cartoon of a dad at a gas grill and his son. The son says, “How’s the grilling? Should I call in pizza yet?” Continue reading “Grilling Dad”

Illustration Friday: Green

Cartoon- Camouflage Easter Egg Hunt
Cartoon of puzzled family at Easter egg hunt. Dad says, “Maybe I should have dyed the Easter eggs a different color

As cold as things are in Indiana, I’m wondering if Easter eggs wouldn’t show up if we just stuck to white? I wasn’t this cold as Christmas time. I’ve heard of a three dog night. This is a cat-in-the-lap sort of day. Across the country, this will be the first season of Easter egg hunts that will involve mittens, snowmen and hot chocolate.