Resolving to Avoid?

Cartoon of a sheep and a wolf

Cartoon of a lamb and wolf. The sheep says, “€œThis year, I resolve to stay away from unnecessary risks.”

One thing I have discovered over the years is that if I make a resolution to avoid something, that temptation doesn’t necessarily go away. Resolutions just don’t work if I phrase them as a negative. I can give up soda pop as a resolution. But if I don’t replace it with something, such as water, I usually fail.

So instead of thinking about what you’re going to give up this year, think about what good habit you can replace it with.

This month, my goal is to write five hundred words a day. Hidden within that goal is to regulate how much time I spend online. If I’m going to write those words, something will have to give. So while I may not be surfing as much, this will give me a better opportunity to write my blog. I also plan to explore writing my next book.

So what is your resolution for the new year? Feel free to leave a comment and let us know.


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How to tell if your sheep is in danger

Cartoon of a wolf and a sheep

Cartoon of a wolf and a sheep. the wolf says, “Don’t worry about your alarmist friends. Just hand out with me!”

Pride comes before a fall

Cartoon of a boy who is about to fall into a manhole. Another boy says, "I'm sorry you were proud. Just stop!"

Pride has a way of putting us in our place. So many times, I wanted to look good and not play the fool. Unfortunately, my pride was the thing that made me look like a fool.

Whenever I’ve looked down on someone, it has inevitably caused me to fall. Whenever I see a pundit or politician pumping himself up while tearing another person down, I get out of the way. Sooner or later, that guy is going to fall!

In the Water

Cartoon of a boy and a shark. The shark says, “Hey, Buddy! Let me know when you’re going to get in the water, okay?”

I read an article today about shark attacks in Australia. It reminded me of stories where authorities cautioned people to stay out of the water during sunup or sundown. It made me think about sharks that are so obnoxious, they could ask for a heads up from unsuspecting individuals.

If a shark speaks to you, run the other way!

I thought this would also work for Illustration Friday’s word for this week. It’s “scary.”

Resolutions and Risks

Cartoon of a lamb and wolf. The sheep says, “€œThis year, I resolve to stay away from unnecessary risks.”

When I heard Illustration Friday’s word was “resolutions” this week, I thought of this cartoon I did in 2002. It’s funny for me because I had been laid off at the time, I had just gotten a new job, and everything seemed like a risk. I’m glad I can look back on things and see how there was a plan and everything worked out!