Giving Tuesday Surprises

Cartoon of a dog and cat. The dog says, “Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone you donated to a dog rescue organization.”Welcome to Giving Tuesday! This has nothing to do with the cartoon, but if you’re looking for a great organization to give to today, I recommend a place I’ve worked for. Elizabeth’s New Life Center in Dayton helps families make godly life choices. 

There are, of course, many organizations that can use our help. If you favor another cause, be sure to make a difference today.

Ever Tried to be Anonymous?

Cartoon of a guy lamenting he has the last name of AnonymousCartoon of two guys. One is lamenting, “It’s tough when your last name is ‘Anonymous.’ Everyone hits you up for donations.”

In my very limited research, I didn’t find anyone whose last name was literally “Anonymous.” I am surprised someone hasn’t had their name legally changed to that. It would be a good way to confuse people.

Have you ever tried to be an anonymous giver? Don’t answer that. It would spoil the whole anonymity thing.