A comedy or a tragegy?

Cartoon of a sad boy. He says, "My life is going nowhere. At this rate I'll never sell the movie rights to my life story!"

It sounds great to have a movie made about your life until you realize all life journeys worth watching involve discomfort, pain and insurmountable odds. After all, nobody needs a hero if there is nothing to be rescued from.

A Clean, Janitor-Free Dream

Cartoon of two women having coffee. One says, "I have a dream. One day, our children's ministry will skip a whole day without calling for janitor backup."
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True story: I was a church janitor once. Actually, I was a teen church janitor for over two years. When your grandfather is the pastor and your father is the Maintenance Supervisor you get those kinds of perks. I have maintenance supervisor in italics because it was a small church, Dad was a volunteer and he had the job because no one else was available on a Saturday morning and Grandpa trusted him with the keys. (My brother and I must be the only church janitors in modern history that never had an impressive set of keys.) Continue reading “A Clean, Janitor-Free Dream”

A Duck’s Dream

Cartoon of two ducks. One says, “Why can’t you support my dream of moving to the desert?”

Happy birthday to a lady who has put up with my crazy dreams over the years. Don’t worry, Honey, we’re not moving to the desert.

Ice Cream Dreams


Cartoon of  a mom and a boy at a sundae. The boy says, “€œYou just made all my dreams come true!”

What is it about food that says, “love?” I guess our very survival depends on food. When someone goes out of the way to give an extra-special treat, we get all ga-ga, especially if it’s our favorite.  May you receive a special treat today, even as you give someone a treat.

Reach for the Stars

Cartoon of a girl hanging onto a starCartoon of a girl holding on to a star. She says, “€œSee? What did I tell you? The sky€™’s the limit!”