A Clean, Janitor-Free Dream

Cartoon of two women having coffee. One says, "I have a dream. One day, our children's ministry will skip a whole day without calling for janitor backup."
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True story: I was a church janitor once. Actually, I was a teen church janitor for over two years. When your grandfather is the pastor and your father is the Maintenance Supervisor you get those kinds of perks. I have maintenance supervisor in italics because it was a small church, Dad was a volunteer and he had the job because no one else was available on a Saturday morning and Grandpa trusted him with the keys. (My brother and I must be the only church janitors in modern history that never had an impressive set of keys.) Continue reading “A Clean, Janitor-Free Dream”

A Duck’s Dream

Cartoon of two ducks. One says, “Why can’t you support my dream of moving to the desert?”

Happy birthday to a lady who has put up with my crazy dreams over the years. Don’t worry, Honey, we’re not moving to the desert.

Ice Cream Dreams


Cartoon of  a mom and a boy at a sundae. The boy says, “€œYou just made all my dreams come true!”

What is it about food that says, “love?” I guess our very survival depends on food. When someone goes out of the way to give an extra-special treat, we get all ga-ga, especially if it’s our favorite.  May you receive a special treat today, even as you give someone a treat.

Reach for the Stars

Cartoon of a girl hanging onto a starCartoon of a girl holding on to a star. She says, “€œSee? What did I tell you? The sky€™’s the limit!”

Get in the Boat!

We had a guest pastor at our church last Sunday named Obadiah Smith. He was speaking on dreams ant his text was in Luke 8:22. It was a great sermon on how our dreams will come true on the other side if we do the following. You can see my sermon notes above. This is how I pay attention and get the most out of a sermon.

  1. Step in the boat (you need to get started!)
  2. Push away
  3. Turn away
  4. Sail away

Yes, we may meet those storms just like Jesus did, but when our dreams are in sync with God’s amazing things happen!