No Easter Egg-stravaganza here

Cartoon of a pastor and a boy with an Easter egg basket. The Pastor says, "Eggstravaganza was yesterday. There's no Easter eggs up here."
Judging by this cartoon, perhaps I have Egg-stravaganza PTSD. I have been through my fair share of Easter egg hunting events. It can take over a church before you know it.

In fact, if the egg hunt was inside, the pulpit would undoubtedly be used as a hiding spot. I am guessing the pastor knows that is the case and he his hiding the really good chocolate, peanut butter eggs inside the pulpit. I know that is where my grandfather hid the really good treats from his grandkids. 

I drew this cartoon for the Church of God ENewsletter.


Easter Egg Quota

Cartoon of a boy and girl with Easter egg baskets. The boy says, "It was a great Easter egg hunt, but it fell short of my quota."Easter egg hunts are great lessons on survival of the fittest. Young kids learn right away that the big, older kids will take no prisoners, but they will take all of the Easter eggs. Parents scope out the competition and will plot, block and intimidate the older kids while their little one tries to discern an Easter egg from a twig.

Meanwhile, the older kids begin trash talking their peers about their lack of egg-grabbing ability. the avarice and cutthroat competition is on display for everyone to see. It’s an example of what happens when you commercialize a religious holiday. So if you’re conducting an Easter egg Egg-stravaganza this week, be sure to find some ways to even the playing field and minimize the competition between the preschoolers and the preteens. Sure, maybe everyone won’t get their quota, but their may be fewer broken hearts and empty plastic Easter eggs.

Weird Easter

Cartoon of two birds staring at an Easter egg. One says, “Just when the story couldn’t get any weirder, they claim an Easter bunny brought it.”

One of my most memorable Easter memories was the day we found the missing Easter egg. The Easter that spring was a wet one. Mom decided we would have the Easter egg hunt in the house. She carefully hid her real, hard-boiled Easter eggs around the house. I was too old for the search, so I watched my little sisters scurry all over the house in search of the prizes.

About six months later, it was another cold, wet day. I was assigned the task to retrieve our collie dog from behind the couch so she could take care of outdoor business. As I reached back to retrieve the reluctant pooch, I felt something cold, yet hard. At first, I was relieved it wasn’t the open snout of our dog. Then I felt queasy. I found the last Easter egg.

Too bad I didn’t keep my mouth shut. It would have come in quite handy for the upcoming Halloween season.