Modern Charles Atlas

cartoon of a guy showing off his weak musclesCartoon of a guy saying, “Thanks to an intense exercise program, I’ve gone from a 98-pound weakling to a 100-pound powerhouse.”

People who know me call me an exercise nut. I probably look more like the 100-pound “powerhouse” since I run more than anything else. 

This cartoon reminds me how we view ourselves can be more important than our actual appearance. I’ve seen an average Joe be the life of the party because he had a high view of himself. 

So hold your head high and flex those powerhouse muscles! 

Little things make a big impact

Photo of dead trees surrounded by green trees. The caption says, "Little things make a big impact."

Several years ago, the emerald ash borer made its way into Indiana and Ohio. At the time, the only evidence I saw that there could be a problem were signs warning us not to transport firewood across state lines. Today, this insect has decimated ash trees across the Midwest. As I drive across Indiana and Ohio, I can easily spot the dead and dying ash trees in woods and forests. It is a stark contrast when everything else is green. Continue reading “Little things make a big impact”

How to run from your troubles

cartoon of a guy running. The captions says, "i don't run so I can run away from my troubles."


Whenever you’re going through some troubling times, and who doesn’t, it helps to get some exercise.

This morning, it was very warm. the humidity made things steamy at six in the morning. But a good run helped me clear my head and feel better than I had in several days.

If you’re physically able to do it, I’d encourage you to take a walk or a run. When you get your body moving, it helps get the brain unstuck as well.

Stir the Pitcher

Cartoon of a girl watching a boy stir with effort. The girl says, “That does it. You need to exercise more.”

I drew this for Illustration Friday. This week’s word is “stir.”