Do you find the slop to your liking?

Featured image of three pigs. One is a waiter and two are at a trough
“If you two find the slop to your liking, I will bring the check.”

I feel for my mom. With four kids to feed, she probably felt there were many a time when she was slopping the hogs. It didn’t matter if it was the finest cuisine or leftovers.  We ate like little piggies and barely grunted a thank you without Dad’s direction.

Now I realize how well she took care of us. I couldn’t have been easy to keep four kids fed, clean and out of trouble while holding a job. But Mom and Dad did it well and with style. Today, I see how much I had to be thankful for.

You may be a Mom or Dad that is tired of slopping your little piggies. But you can know that one day, the kids will realize how well you really took care of them. The realization happens about the time they have to take care of little piggies of their own.

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High Bird

Cartoon of a dad and daughter. They are staring at a bird with very long legs. The dad says, “€œThat is the strangest hybrid I’€™ve ever seen.”€

I thought this cartoon would go great with Illustration Friday’s theme. This week’s word is “afterwards.” When I originally though of this idea, I thought of genetically modified animals. I wondered what would happen when the critters would take strange forms afterwards. They would make strange hybrids indeed.