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Digitized Ten Commandments

Cartoon of Moses and the Ten Commandments

“And it would be great if I can get this as a spreadsheet or word processor file.”

Are things any better with the immediacy of technology? Maybe not. Maybe it’s a wash. Digital files are more convenient and instant, but they can be deleted or corrupted in an instant.

Then again, Moses the original Ten Commandments were written in stone and Moses smashed them to pieces because of the Israelite’s idol worship.

Safety is the best policy

Cartoon of a boy with a cast and a teacher

Cartoon of a boy with a cast. He says to a teacher, “Do you want to see the reason you had to rewrite your safety policy?”

Dealing with Broken and Cracked People

Cartoon of one woman saying to another, "Sure we're all broken people, but Frank is just cracked!"

We all deal with stuff. Some of us deal with difficult, gut-wrenching stuff. Then there are others who react to difficulties in unconventional ways.  Continue reading “Dealing with Broken and Cracked People”