Falling Star Hazard

Cartoon of two boys staring at a starCartoon of two boys staring at a star that is embedded in the ground. One says, “€œI heard that last night, we had falling stars.”

Froggie Kiss

Cartoon of a princess and a frog prince. The frog says, “€œSure I said if you’€™d kiss me I’d turn into a prince. But I didn’€™t say I’€™d be a human prince!”

Well-rounded Student

Cartoon of a teacher and a circle-shaped characterCartoon of a woman and a circle-shaped character. The character says, “€œThank you , Teacher. You’€™ve made me a well-rounded individual.”

Zoned-Out Parking

Cartoon of a boy and a space alienCartoon of a boy and a space alien in a flying saucer. The alien says, “How much do you charge to park in your back yard?”

Bump, Set, Sing

Cartoon of three volleyball players in choir robesCartoon of three people in choir robes. They are in front of a volleyball net. The caption reads, “No matter the event, Choir Camp had a rigid dress code.” Continue reading “Bump, Set, Sing”