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Cartoon of a man at an information boothCartoon of a man at a church information booth who says, “You’ve been very helpful… even better than Google!

I feel sorry for reference librarians and the people that mind information booths. There was once a time when those skills depended solely on your knowledge compared to other people. Now they have to compete with search engines. At least the human touch can be much more friendly than the Googled version.

I drew this for the May 2017 Church of God CHOGNews.

Book Review: The Social Media Mind by David Amerland

The Social Media Mind: How social media how social media is changing business, politics and science and helps create a new world order.The Social Media Mind: How social media how social media is changing business, politics and science and helps create a new world order. by David Amerland
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It’s a good book highlighting the pitfalls businesses can fall into when they see social media as just another marketing channel. Social media allows immediate feedback and it doesn’t take fluff lightly. David Amerland gives examples such as RIM‘s inattention in handling a crises, Gap’s logo change backlash and a Ragu campaign that went viral for the wrong reasons. It also gives good examples such as Domino Pizza’s turnaround in spite of a bad viral video from two of its employees.

The book was published in 2012. So there is too much emphasis on Google+, and the Arab Spring was still seen as a success. Still, there is much here to learn four years after its publication date.

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Is the Facebook Fox Guarding the Hen House?

Searching for parenting cliches

I drew this before the Internet was a staple. It is so much easier to Google a good cliché now. A few that caught my eye were…

When I was a kid, I swore I would never use some of the clichés my parents used on me. That promise lasted until my first-born was old enough to talk. My favorite cliché became, “Someday, when you’re older, you’ll understand.” The problem with that one is I’m still waiting to be old enough to understand what’s going on. Who wants to admit that to your child? Not me!

Clichés are so useful because they deal with universal problems. They’re just too easy to use. What are some clichés you’ve caught yourself saying?

Keep failing and keep enduring!

Cartoon of a jogging couple
Run the race with perseverance |

There was an article in my morning newspaper about an Anderson University professor who gets to participate in Google X lab.

AU professor invited to secret Google X lab » Local News » The Herald Bulletin.

Professor Scott Kennedy talked about the point of research is to fail sometimes. Not only is that the point of research, but it’s also the point of getting anywhere in life. Professor Kennedy says,

I am always telling my students that the point of research is to fail sometimes, to mess up and learn from what happened, what didn’t happen and what didn’t work. You can’t be afraid to try something.

This goes perfectly with the lesson I will be teaching the kids in large group this morning. It’s about endurance: sticking with what you started even when things get tough. Here is the verse for the month:

Let us not become tired of doing good. At the right time we will gather a crop if we don’t give up. Galatians 6:9

Whether it’s science, business, parenting or doing good, we will eventually succeed if we do these things:

  • Keep our eye on the goal
  • Work on them daily
  • Change our tactics or steps when they aren’t working so we can keep moving towards the goal

Go ahead and fail today. If we keep at it and work towards the goal, we will reap that reward in the end.

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