Christmas Nativity Coloring Page

Thumbnail of Christmas nativity coloring page

Merry Christmas! I just love this time of year. The sounds, smells and sights of Christmas bring back memories of Christmases long, long ago. (Hmm. sounds like a Christmas tune.)

I’ve done another nativity scene in a different style. You can find it here.

Here is a Christmas nativity coloring page for you. It is free for personal and classroom use.

Travel Restrictions

Cartoon of Joseph and the Magi. One wise man says, “Sorry we’re late. Magi have the worst time getting through airport security.”

If United States citizens think going through airport security here is tough, I can just imagine what Roman security would have been like. I’m still glad I live in this century.

Locusts for Lunch

Cartoon of  John the Baptist looking in a cabinet. He says. “Time for a trip to the store. I’m out of locusts.”

The story of John the Baptist has always piqued my interest. Just the beginning of the story made for some word pictures. Here’s what the passage reads in the book of Matthew:

1-2 While Jesus was living in the Galilean hills, John, called “the Baptizer,” was preaching in the desert country of Judea. His message was simple and austere, like his desert surroundings: “Change your life. God’s kingdom is here.”

3John and his message were authorized by Isaiah’s prophecy:

Thunder in the desert!
Prepare for God’s arrival!
Make the road smooth and straight!

4-6John dressed in a camel-hair habit tied at the waist by a leather strap. He lived on a diet of locusts and wild field honey. People poured out of Jerusalem, Judea, and the Jordanian countryside to hear and see him in action. There at the Jordan River those who came to confess their sins were baptized into a changed life. (Matthew 3:1-6, The Message)

I wrote and illustrated a book on the topic a few years ago. You can see the cover at It’s not available right now, but I’m going to see if it can be resurrected in pdf form. You may be able to get it at Warner Press.

Trendsetting Prophets

Cartoon of John the Baptist and a boy. The boy says, “You’re a trendsetter! Everyone wants the John the Baptist, camel hair bathing suit.”

John the Baptist was not the first prophet to set the trend for strange behavior, but he sure made his mark with unique diets and fashion tips. Wild locust and camel hair, anyone?