Business Fangs

Cartoon of a man with vampire fangsCartoon of two men. One has fangs. He says, “Like them? I had my dentist implant them so I’d get respect, fear and the ladies.”

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Frying Pan to Beach

Cartoon of a man getting too much sunCartoon of a couple on a beach. The husband is lying in a frying pan. The wife says, “I’m warning you, Edgar. You’re getting too much sun.”

Assisted Self-help

Cartoon of a man and psychatrist. the man says, “I came to you, Doc, so I could learn to take responsibility for my own actions. So far, you haven’t helped a bit.”

Smell the Allergies

Cartoon of a boy talking about allergies

Cartoon of a boy and dog. The boy says, “It’s hard to stop and smell the roses when you have allergies.”

Veterinarian Hazards

Cartoon of a boy with a piranha

Cartoon of a boy with with a fish bowl. He says, “The problem with having a piranha is it’s hard to find a willing veterinarian.”