IF: Choice Ask-your-doctor

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Here’s my take on choice for “Illustration Friday.” When it comes to exercise, we have to make choices every day. Just watch out for that big dog!

Trip to the Doctor

I had to take the trip to the doctor, yesterday. I had a sore throat, felt run-down and icky.

The doctor said there was a lot of that going around. I found out it wasn’t streph and was shipped back into the real world.

One great advantage of all this was I got to draw a modern doctor’s office. You never know when this setting will come in handy.

First Post

This is a test to see if I can post my cartoons this way. I’ve been posting cartoons to my site since 1998. That would make me an ITG: Internet Toon Geezer. Here is an older cartoon just to prove my point to no one in particular.
This is a cartoon I did on the Proverbs. The book of Proverbs in the Bible are full of wonderful imagery, not to mention colorful word pictures.