Dogma and Catechisms

Cartoon of a dog-faced person talking to a manDisclaimer: our family has a cat AND a dog. Are we cat or dog people? We’re animal people. Well, we’re not reptiles, amphibians, birds, insects or spider people. We’re mammal people. Well, we don’t have any other mammals but a cat and a dog. We had a gerbil and a hamster once. But they didn’t agree with the cat. It was a traumatic experience. 

In other words, I think if dogs go to heaven, cats will too. Cat haters will have to figure out how to get along with all God’s creatures. I’m just praying flies and mosquitoes will not make an appearance there.

Angelic Safety

Cartoon of and angel with a bike helmet. He says, "Heaven hasn't been the same since we're required to wear head protection."

Cartoon of and angel with a bike helmet. He says, “Heaven hasn’t been the same since we’re required to wear head protection.”

Angelic Transportation

Cartoon of of an angel waiting at a bus stop.

Sometimes, I wish I had angel wings. They would come in handy when I’m stuck in traffic or I have to wait on a train.

I drew this for Illustration Friday. This week’s word is, “transportation.”

Heavenly Schools

Cartoon of a boy and angelCartoon of a boy and an angel. the boy says, “Level with me! Will there be schools in heaven? Continue reading “Heavenly Schools”

Computing in the clouds

Cartoon of two angels with computers

Cartoon of two angels in clouds. One angel says, “I’m glad they introduced cloud computing up here.” Continue reading “Computing in the clouds”