A Viral Christmas

Cartoon of a sick couple. One says, “This is the last year that for Christmas, we’re giving each other the flu!”There are some things that are just not nice to give. The flu, bronchitis, and a host of icky, sticky viruses and bacteria are way too giving They will find you, greet you and put you out of commission for several days.

Here’s to hoping your holidays will be virus free!

Black Friday Pilgrim Style!

Cartoon of a shopping couple. The man says, "This isn't the kind of pilgrimage they had in mind in 1621."

If you were Black Friday shopping today, my hat goes off to you! Me? I’m hunkering down and waiting for the crowds to subside before I do some Christmas shopping. December 23 at 11:55 PM  sounds like a good time to start!

Why my Dad is the best dad


You may disagree with me. In fact, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt since I probably haven’t met your dad. However, I believe my dad is the best dad I could have ever had. Here is why I believe that:

  1. He is a man of integrity. He says what he means and commits to all products he says yes to.
  2. He is a man of quiet strength. Yet he has always spoken when he has needed to.
  3. He is an example of a loving husband and dad. Through his example, I was taught each day how to be those things.

On this Father’s Day, I want to give a big thank you to Edgar Spear. You’re still the number one dad in my book!