How I envy him!

Caption reads: “He never takes a bath, eats a candy bar for breakfast and belches the alphabet in one, giant burp. Man I wish I was like him!”

I used this one for my kid’s church lesson on envy. I found out as an attention grabber, you can’t go wrong with mentioning a burp.

Short Term Economic Aid

Cartoon of a boy asking for money

Cartoon of a father and son. The boy says, “Hey, Dad. I need some short-term, economic aid.”

Something looks fishy

Cartoon of a half-fish, half-man creature
Cartoon of a man fish. a boy stares at him. The caption says, “There were times Ryan wished his mother wasn’t a mermaid.”

Deep down, everyone wishes they were someone else. Personally, I think it would be nice to be half-fish/half-man. I’d never have to leave the beach!

How to get an edge on the basketball court

Cartoon of boy wearing shoes with huge soles
Cartoon of a boy wearing shoes with huge soles. He says, “With these shoes, I’m guaranteed to make the basketball team!”

Why being busy doesn’t make us happy

Cartoon of two sick boys at an amusement park
Cartoon of two boys at an amusement park. They are sick from the rides. One says, “We’re too busy having fun to be happy.”