How not to fish

Cartoon of two fishermen and a cow

Cartoon of two men fishing in a boat. A cow is in the water. One man says, “Aw! We had steaks last night. Throw him back!”

This seemed like the perfect cartoon for Illustration Friday. This week’s word is “underwater.”

Cartoon: Hacking Pet

Cartoon of a boy scolding a dog on a computer

Cartoon of a boy scolding his talented dog. The caption reads, “Skippy! Bad dog! There is no hacking in this house!”

I’ve come to the conclusion a dog’s main talent is hacking. My dog is a good hacker. She isn’t a computer hacker, but she is a very vocal hacker nonetheless.

When I heard Illustration Friday’s word was “talent, I thought of my talented dog.

Illustration Friday: Glow

Cartoon of a boy and a radiant girl. The boy says, "How can I keep my bad attitude with you glowing like that?"

Cartoon of a boy and a radiant girl. The boy says, “How can I keep my bad attitude with you glowing like that?”

Don’t you love it when people are in such a good mood, they glow? People that peaceful and positive attract others like a moth to a flame. Attitudes are contagious so we might as well spread a good one. That’ll come in handy as those of us in the Northern Hemisphere begin the first day of winter.

While I drew this last year, this was perfect for this week’s theme at Illustration Friday.” This week’s word is “glow.”

Accusing Mirror

Illustration of a girl accusing her reflection in the mirror

This week’s word for Illustration Friday is “mirror.” I didn’t think of my usual cartoon with a caption this week. Instead, I thought of teens who go through self image problems. It isn’t limited to girls. At one time or another, we all have a crises with our image, don’t we? We all wonder if we’re smart enough, good enough, and doggone it… do people really like us?

When we get older, we realize everyone else, including the high school cheerleader, the jock and the brain feel the same way. We all have feet of clay. Part of growing up is realizing everyone is concerned with themselves. We all want to look good.

So relax! We all experience insecurity. Once you realize that, you’ll feel more secure.

Crooked Heart

Cartoon of a crook in a doctor's office

Cartoon of a crook in a doctor’s office. The caption says, “You have to help me, Doc. I need a transplant for my crooked heart.

I drew this for Illustration Friday. When I heard this week’s word, “crooked,” I thought of Proverbs 11:20. How does one change a crooked heart? With a transplant, of course!

I drew this in Adobe Ideas and Adobe Illustrator.

Here is what the sketch looked like in Adobe Ideas:

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