3 Myths About Starting a Company in the Midwest

Lucas Oil Stadium Exterior, Indianapolis

Source: 3 Myths About Starting a Company in the Midwest

This Entrepreneur.com article proclaimed what Hoosiers and Buckeyes have known for quite some time. The Midwest is a great place to run and thrive in business.

While it’s true we don’t have the high office lease prices of the left and right coast, and we don’t have twenty-four-hour sushi bars, We do have quite a bit of business going on among amber waves of grain.

Most of my experience with the area has been in the Indianapolis area, but I am learning quite a bit about Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio these days. 

Indianapolis has become a tech powerhouse thanks, in part, to Salesforce. Dayton has seen great growth in medicine and tech startup industries. In all these cities, I’ve witnessed hardworking, innovative leaders that are taking the best of technology and making their businesses sing. Truly, the Midwest, especially around Indiana and Ohio, is a great place to start a business.

Little things make a big impact

Photo of dead trees surrounded by green trees. The caption says, "Little things make a big impact."

Several years ago, the emerald ash borer made its way into Indiana and Ohio. At the time, the only evidence I saw that there could be a problem were signs warning us not to transport firewood across state lines. Today, this insect has decimated ash trees across the Midwest. As I drive across Indiana and Ohio, I can easily spot the dead and dying ash trees in woods and forests. It is a stark contrast when everything else is green. Continue reading “Little things make a big impact”

We All Need a Moving Day

photo of moving boxesWe get to move once again today. It will be the fifth place in just over a year. Do you want proof?

  1. For nine years, we owned a nice house in Pendleton, Indiana. Then my wife was called to serve a Scottsdale, Arizona church.
  2. July 2015:We moved to an Arizona condo.
  3. December 2015: because seasonal rates tripled rent, moved to an apartment.
  4. July 2016: my wife was caked to an Ohio church, so we’ve stayed with my wife’s mom.
  5. August 2016: We are moving with her to a new house.

We all need a moving day. I came to that conclusion when we were selling all our stuff to go to Arizona.  Continue reading “We All Need a Moving Day”

No daylight savings here

Things rarely go according to plan

As I write this, it is late March, 2014. Spring has been with us for five days, but it doesn’t feel anything like spring in Indiana. Yesterday, it snowed. Let me tell you, friends, it’s been quite a winter for Hoosiers. Maybe you balk because you’re from Minnesota or Siberia. But We aren’t use to  extended  single-digit temperatures and relentless snow storms!

These beach figurines have been freezing all w...
These beach figurines have been freezing all winter. They’re ready for the thaw! #winter via speartoons

Things rarely go according to plan. We know what a typical winter is for the area we live in. But how many times do we see an “average winter?” Usually it’s above normal or below normal temperatures. When we have the average winter, we start to wonder if there is something wrong. Could it really be that perfect? Could it really be so average that it’s unusual? Continue reading “Things rarely go according to plan”