The Cure For Message Fatigue

At one time, you could put your ad in the phone book yellow pages and not think about it for a year. It just worked for you. A newspaper ad could last just as long. Then radio came along and you could blast the same message multiple times a day. Television made it even easier, but at least there were only three channels… until there was cable… and then the Internet. Continue reading “The Cure For Message Fatigue”

Simple Tips to Choosing and Remembering a Password

Sketch of a laptop saying to its user, "12345? You can do better than that!"

Passwords are the bane of every person that has to set up a new account. It can be frustrating to pick a good password, then sign in the site a few weeks later only to forget the password. But choosing a password such as 12345 or abcdefg isn’t a good idea either. I have found there are some ways to get over the password blues. Continue reading “Simple Tips to Choosing and Remembering a Password”

Real or Social Media Friends?

Cartoon of two women. One says, "Level with me, Doris. Are you my real or social media friend?
©2015 Kevin Spear-Cartoon 4029

We live in a world where we have social media friends, the we have close friends. Social media has allowed me to get in touch with people I may never meet face-to-face. My life is richer for those friendships. Yet, they cannot take the place of friendships within a community.

Continue reading “Real or Social Media Friends?”

Cartoon: Hacking Pet

Cartoon of a boy scolding a dog on a computer

Cartoon of a boy scolding his talented dog. The caption reads, “Skippy! Bad dog! There is no hacking in this house!”

I’ve come to the conclusion a dog’s main talent is hacking. My dog is a good hacker. She isn’t a computer hacker, but she is a very vocal hacker nonetheless.

When I heard Illustration Friday’s word was “talent, I thought of my talented dog.

Cartoon: on Youtube

Cartoon of boy and dad. The boy says, "You should have seen what Bobby did in class! It's already posted on Youtube!"

Cartoon of boy and dad. The boy says, “You should have seen what Bobby did in class! It’s already posted on Youtube!”

I drew this cartoon for K! Magazine.