Woodchuck chuck

cartoon of a man interrogating a woodchuckI’m not sure which came first; my idea or the Geico commercial. But both make me laugh after all this time. Now after playing the commercial, I have a voice to go with the little critter. 

How to find out how much wood can a woodchuck chuck

cartoon of a man interrogating a woodchuck
“Might as well come clean! Sooner or later we’ll find out how much you could chuck if you could chuck wood!”

Interview with Church of God web site

Photo of me at the drawing table.

I draw a monthly cartoon for the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana) newsletter. This month, Carl Stagner interviews me and picks my brain about being the man behind the cartoons.

One of the paragraphs sums up why I do what I do:

Humor can play a major role in encouraging broken people and inspiring spiritual growth. “The one thing I love about humor, if you’re dealing with a serious topic, humor can ease the blow, especially if it’s difficult to understand or explain. Humor helps us look at things from a different angle.”

Whatever you’re going through, I hope a cartoon or doodle on this site can give you a smile and maybe motivate you to keep running the race of life with endurance.