No Tasing, Please

Cartoon of a boy outside a girl’s house. the girl says, “I probably shouldn’t let you come in. My dad has a taser.” Continue reading “No Tasing, Please”

Cartoon: The Kitty Bible

Cartoon of a cat with her kittensCartoon of a cat with her kittens. The Momma cat says, Cartoon of a cat with her two kitten. The kitty momma says, “Remember, as cats, we are to shove our enemies and prey on those who persecute us.” Continue reading “Cartoon: The Kitty Bible”

Illustration Friday: Expired

Cartoon of couple at a candlelight dinner

Cartoon of a couple at dinner. The woman says, “Our relationship is like the milk in your refrigerator, Harold. It has expired.” Continue reading “Illustration Friday: Expired”

Cartoon: Love in the modern world

Cartoon of love in the Modern World

Cartoon of girl dining with a robot. The girl says, “It’s just not working out, Rob. You’re love is so… so mechanical!”

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