Lessons From Marathon Day

Cartoon of a jogging coupleThe marathon is over. I completed the goal, which was to finish. The weather was cool until about two hours into the race. The sun began affecting all of us. For a time, I wondered if I was going to make it. My hamstring started bothering me around mile seventeen. Around mile twenty-three, I had to stop and a nice security guard helped me stretch it out. After that, I walked most of the way until I was within sight of the finish line.

There are a few lessons I’ve learned from this race: Continue reading “Lessons From Marathon Day”

Thoughts on the Day Before My First Marathon

The months of preparation are behind me. I’ve tapered off my practice so my body is ready (hopefully) for tomorrow. There is nothing left to do now but judiciously load up on carbs tonight and arrive at the race, on time, tomorrow. Then the real fun begins!

Here are some thoughts as I look forward to my first marathon. Continue reading “Thoughts on the Day Before My First Marathon”

Two Days Until my First Marathon: responding and planning

Cat in a car, staring at the viewer. The caption says, "2 days until the marathon. Let's go!I went out for my last run before the marathon this morning. And who was there to greet me? Our cat got herself stuck in the car. As she stared at me, I imagined her trying to get in the car on the morning of the race. It’s going to be an early morning, and she will probably be the only person up beside me. She may be up for the trip, but I doubt I could have her go the whole 26.2.

After I let her out and I went on my run, I pondered how social media marketing requires two very different modes of behavior. Sometimes, you have to be like a cat. Other times, you need to plan like a long distance runner. Continue reading “Two Days Until my First Marathon: responding and planning”

Lessons From a Seventeen Mile Florida Run

August sunrise at Juno Beach, Florida
I took this photo when I was into the third mile of my run.

Seventeen miles wasn’t my goal. I was determined to get nineteen miles in. But after seventeen miles, there was a drawbridge between me and my goal. It looked like a mountain. I had been training in Ohio. But now I was in Florida. It was 10:00 AM and 91° Fahrenheit. My water bottles were nearly empty. I decided to call it off and get a ride.

Next month (September 2017), I plan to run The Air Force Marathon in Dayton, Ohio. It will be my first marathon and I have been training for the race. I was determined to keep to my schedule despite the change of locale. 

Three days later, I am thinking about what the run taught me. Continue reading “Lessons From a Seventeen Mile Florida Run”