Cartoon: How Greedy?

Cartoon of a boy and a bank teller. The boy says, "How greedy do you have to be to work here?"

Cartoon of a boy and a bank teller. The boy says, “How greedy do you have to be to work here?”

When I was a teen, I loved working for a fast food restaurant, because I could have the merchandise for dinner. It’s too bad the same concept doesn’t quite work in the banking institutions. Then again, I’ve been reading about the financial crises in 2008. There were a lot of bank executives and Wall Street financiers that appeared to be doing just that.

If a bank teller helped herself to the bank’s merchandise, that would be called embezzling. If an executive helps himself, is that called a bonus?

Bestselling Report

Cartoon of a student and teacher. The student says, “€œPretty good report, isn’€™t it? Do you think I can make some serious moolah with this?”

Caroling for Bonuses

Cartoon of a group of Christmas carolers. They’re singing, “€œDeck the Halls With fiscal Slowness, fa-la-la-la-la-a-a, La-la-la-la! Please give us our Year End Bonus…”

I originally drew this a dozen years ago during another economic slow-down. These things happen in cycles.

Cartoon: Games at Work

Cartoon of husband and wife in the kitchen. The husband says, “They’re not giving me a raise, but they are letting me play this really cool game at work.”

This is a classic cartoon I did back in 1996 for the sixth edition of the “New Rider’s Internet Yellow Pages.”

I used to design books for a computer games book publisher. It was fun playing video games for research. Too bad I stunk at video games. I knew I was in trouble when my five-year old son started beating me!

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