We All Need a Moving Day

photo of moving boxesWe get to move once again today. It will be the fifth place in just over a year. Do you want proof?

  1. For nine years, we owned a nice house in Pendleton, Indiana. Then my wife was called to serve a Scottsdale, Arizona church.
  2. July 2015:We moved to an Arizona condo.
  3. December 2015: because seasonal rates tripled rent, moved to an apartment.
  4. July 2016: my wife was caked to an Ohio church, so we’ve stayed with my wife’s mom.
  5. August 2016: We are moving with her to a new house.

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Why on Earth would we move from Indiana to Arizona?

A farmer looks at a saguaro cactus with corn characteristics
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In July of 2015, my wife, son and I tearfully said goodbye to friends, family, and most of all, my daughter. My wife, son and I made a trek from the Hoosier Heartland of Pendleton, Indiana to the Sonoran Desert and Scottsdale, Arizona. It was our first big move for my family. Neither my wife nor I lived more than one hundred miles from our birthplaces. Why on earth would we do such a thing? There was one big reason why we did this.

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Why Moses heard a lot of complaining

Cartoon of two biblical characters complaining
Cartoon of two biblical characters. One says, “We’ve been wandering around in the wilderness for forty years. I’m sick of filling out change-of-address cards!”

Immovable Real Estate

Cartoon of a couple staring at a huge idolCartoon of a couple with a sold sign and a huge idol. The man asks the woman, “€œDo you recall the previous owners mentioning this was in the back yard?”

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