But Why Won’t Kids Stop Nagging?

Spear Cartoon 3756


Cartoon of a son and his mother at breakfast. The son says, “I want something different for breakfast. What about seven-layer bean dip?”

Amy McCready has some great advice on Positive Parenting Solutions about child nagging and negotiating. Her solution is to say three simple words: “Ask and Answered.”

It can be hard to stand firm when you are pummeled with the “Why can’t I’s?” and the “but ple-e-e-e-e-ases?” But it’s so important to stand firm, especially when a child asks for something unreasonable.

Another solution that has worked for me is think first before you say “no.” Consider your answer before you give it. Sometimes, we say no because it is inconvenient for us as a parent. If the request is reasonable, and can even become a shared experience with your child, consider the request before you give them a nay.

But once you made your answer known, don’t be wishy-washy. That is only leads to misery when they are persistent at the next request.

Be strong and courageous (and consider your no’s before you make them!).


Cartoon: Communication Quack

Cartoon of a duck couple

Cartoon of two ducks. One says to the other, “All you ever say is, ‘Quack, quack, quack!’ You call that communication?”

Communication is harder than it sounds, but it’s easier than it looks. Body language can say a lot about the person, can’t it? Judging by the look of the duck on the right, he’s communicating very clearly that he’s not taking advice gracefully.

Cartoon: Nagging Driver

Cartoon of a couple in an automobile

Cartoon of a couple in a car. The woman says, ““I only nag you when you’re lost. The problem is, you’re always lost.”

The Sounds of Silence

Here’s an illustration of a woman ranting while a man wears ear muffs.

I’m thankful I’ve never had this problem. Still, whenever I’ve gotten on my lawn mower and donned the ear muffs, I’ve wondered what creative ways I could use them beyond mowing.

I drew this for Illustration Friday. This week’s word is “silent.”

Cartoon of a sister and brother. The girl says, “You should be glad to have a big sister. You’€™ll benefit from years of constructive criticism.”