Career Connectors | Business Cards, Evernote & LinkedIn, Oh My!

In September 2016, I wrote a blog post for Phoenix-based Career Connectors. It covered two of my favorite subjects; Evernote and LinkedIn.

Business Cards, Evernote & LinkedIn, Oh My!

In my job search, I found both of these to be valuable for keeping track of new contacts, as well as networking efforts. Evernote has made a great effort to make the best use of scanned documents and business cards. Even if you aren’t currently job searching, you will find this article helpful.

Networking Gold

Cartoon of a happy man. He says to a woman, "I struck gold today! I networked with a bounce house rental business owner!"
Copyright © Kevin Spear & Kidzmatter

When it comes to networking, my wife is a pro. She is a children’s pastor. You can bet she has a bounce house vendor on speed dial.

I realized how handy that was when each of our children graduated from high school. She knew parents would bring their children. On each open house, the bounce house rental guy showed up and set up quite the nice bounce house. The kids had a blast and parents could mingle and congratulate our graduate without a worry. Continue reading “Networking Gold”

I’m in a Career Connectors Testimonial

In October, I had the opportunity to give a video testimonial about the Phoenix area Career Connectors. It is on the Employer Services section of their web site. Here is the video:

When I came to Phoenix this past July, I realized very quickly my job wasn’t nearly as effective with computer job boards. I was very relieved to find a group like Career Connectors that provides knowledge about the employment in the Sun Valley, helpful resources and some inspiration. I wholeheartedly endorse Career Connectors.