Easter Smiles

Cartoon of a boy and girl in church. The boy says, “Have you noticed Easter isn’t funny, but it makes everyone smile?”

I drew this for the CHOGnews e-newsletter.

Cartoon: Moses’ Newsletter

Cartoon of Moses and the Ten Commandments with office worker

Cartoon of a Bible story office worker and Moses with the Ten Commandments. Moses says, “I want you to scan these and put them in the next newsletter.”

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Cartoon: Better Cooks

Cartoon of a couple talking to a pastor. The man says, “We decided to come here when we heard your church has better cooks.”

I drew this for the “CHOGnews” February, 2010 issue. You can find the newsletter at this link.

Cartoon in "Church Laughs" Newsletter

The Church Laughs newsletter at Christianity Today just featured my cartoon for this week.

Anybody need a chocolate on their pillow?