Something looks fishy

Cartoon of a half-fish, half-man creature
Cartoon of a man fish. a boy stares at him. The caption says, “There were times Ryan wished his mother wasn’t a mermaid.”

Deep down, everyone wishes they were someone else. Personally, I think it would be nice to be half-fish/half-man. I’d never have to leave the beach!

Beach Tastee Freeze

Illustration of a boy on a beach with a slushie drink.

When I thought of Illustration Friday’s word, “freeze,” I thought of one of my favorite summer treats. Whether you for for Tasty Freeze™, slushies, Slurpees, shaved ice, Italian Ice, Mr Freeze™, snow cone, or any other type or brand, They are just the right treat when you’re on a hot beach!

I drew this using Adobe Ideas for the iPad, then Adobe Illustrator.

A Deep School

Cartoon of of a sign at the bottom of an ocean. The sign has fish on it at simply says, “school.”