Off the Chip: Hi, Jack!

Comic strip of two office workers. One is disturbed that the other was friendly and said, “Hi!” I drew this comic strip in 2000.

The other day, I was jogging and passed a professor I knew rather well. I said, “Hi!” He looked mortified. Perhaps it was because I was in jogging clothes. Maybe it was because I was hurtling by him at the blinding speed of six miles per hour.

I come from a small, midwestern, Indiana town where everybody knew your name and what you were up to. I thought everyone gave a nice, “hi” to everyone until I went to the big city. I soon learned to to make eye contact and give the appearance you didn’t realize the passerby on the sidewalk existed.

It’s strange, but I’ve felt more alone in big cities than I ever did in my hometown. So excuse me if I see you and assault you with a “Hi!” That’s just the way I was raised.

I drew this comic strip for a ministry that reached out to programmers in Silicon Valley. Let me know if I can help you out with a cartoon or illustration!

Off the Chip: the First Episode

Chip gives Rodney a cheery greeting. Rodney sees it as a veiled threat.

This was the first in a series of comic strips I drew for a NAEN Ministries about ten years ago. The ministry has since left the Internet, so it was time to bring them back.

Chip is a nice guy working in a technology company. Rodney is the bitter, older curmudgeon who sees Chip’s cheery disposition and a threat to all humanity. Yet, they seem to get along.

I’ll see about posting the strip each Monday.


Off the Chip episode 219

“The company wanted to save money so they hired a new I.T. consulting firm.”

I heard the other day of a consultant who’s primary task was to keep himself working with a client. He didn’t want to do anything that would put him out of work so he kept doing scrappy little pieces of work to look like he was bein successful, yet he was ensuring he wasn’t reaching the ultimate goal.

I have also seen a few luddite I.T. guys before. Can’t say I blame them. A new technology comes along and it’s just new enough to mess up the whole system when implemented. There is nothing like starting from scratch just when you have all the computers talking nice to each other!

NAEN Ministries: Work is its own reward

They say good work is its own reward, eh?
I create a monthly comic strip for NAEN Ministries. Once in a while, I like to take a cliché and see what happends when I twist it around. Good work is its own reward, but it’s still good to receive a paycheck from it.