Lessons From Marathon Day

Cartoon of a jogging coupleThe marathon is over. I completed the goal, which was to finish. The weather was cool until about two hours into the race. The sun began affecting all of us. For a time, I wondered if I was going to make it. My hamstring started bothering me around mile seventeen. Around mile twenty-three, I had to stop and a nice security guard helped me stretch it out. After that, I walked most of the way until I was within sight of the finish line.

There are a few lessons I’ve learned from this race: Continue reading “Lessons From Marathon Day”

Thoughts on the Day Before My First Marathon

The months of preparation are behind me. I’ve tapered off my practice so my body is ready (hopefully) for tomorrow. There is nothing left to do now but judiciously load up on carbs tonight and arrive at the race, on time, tomorrow. Then the real fun begins!

Here are some thoughts as I look forward to my first marathon. Continue reading “Thoughts on the Day Before My First Marathon”

3 Myths About Starting a Company in the Midwest

Lucas Oil Stadium Exterior, Indianapolis

Source: 3 Myths About Starting a Company in the Midwest

This Entrepreneur.com article proclaimed what Hoosiers and Buckeyes have known for quite some time. The Midwest is a great place to run and thrive in business.

While it’s true we don’t have the high office lease prices of the left and right coast, and we don’t have twenty-four-hour sushi bars, We do have quite a bit of business going on among amber waves of grain.

Most of my experience with the area has been in the Indianapolis area, but I am learning quite a bit about Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio these days. 

Indianapolis has become a tech powerhouse thanks, in part, to Salesforce. Dayton has seen great growth in medicine and tech startup industries. In all these cities, I’ve witnessed hardworking, innovative leaders that are taking the best of technology and making their businesses sing. Truly, the Midwest, especially around Indiana and Ohio, is a great place to start a business.

Video: Finding God in the Darkness When I’m Waiting

I was humbled when my pastor asked me to give a testimony about the waiting I have experienced for the last two years. I proposed giving a cartoon testimony. It is a tribute to Diary of a Wimpy Kid, only my version is Diary of a Waiting Guy. 

I recorded myself drawing, then wrote a script for the video. You can see it in the first five minutes of the sermon video.

If you know anything about me, you know faith is a bit part of who I am. It is the reason we left everything we knew in Indiana and moved to Arizona. It is also the reason we moved to the Dayton, Ohio area. It is the reason I hold perseverance as an important value. You cannot start anything new without taking a risk and displaying perseverance.

Pastor Steve Southards did a great job explaining the why’s of a waiting period through the story of Joseph in Genesis. My wife and I are privileged to be serving at Salem Church of God. The last two years have challenged me, but I am glad I made the leap. Taking a risk is much better than doing the same thing and wondering what could have happened if we took a risk.

Post-Christmas Run on a Warm Ohio Day

Since it is the post-Christmas week and most of us are off work, I am sharing a little of my day with a sketch.

This morning, I was thrilled to take a run with just shorts and a long-sleeve shirt. The temperature was in the mid-fifties when I hit the road. It is something rare for an Ohio, late December morning. It is also something I loved to do in Arizona.  Continue reading “Post-Christmas Run on a Warm Ohio Day”