Your Work Matters!

Cartoon of a guy flipping a hamburger. The boy says, "Just call me, 'The Sultan of the Spatula.'"On this Monday, I have one thing to say: Your work matters! Now I could stop right there, but this would be the shortest blog post I’ve ever done. We can’t have that, can we? So here it goes!

You may think your work doesn’t matter because you are in a business that is struggling. But your work does matter! You never know how that business would be doing if you weren’t there. If you keep holding on, you may discover a way to bring that business new clients. You may discover a new product or service that revitalizes your industry. Don’t give up. Your work matters! Continue reading “Your Work Matters!”

Clutter Everywhere

Illustration of man about to empty a box of trash. He looks overwhelmed by a huge, full trash can.

Clutter, clutter everywhere, and not one trash can could be spared! Do you ever get overwhelmed with clutter? It happens to me this time of year. In the United States, it’s tax time. There is so much paperwork to muddle through. I get frustrated trying to figure out what to pitch and what to keep.

I’ll look at a folder and think, “You never know when you may need that.” Rarely is that the case. I’ve finally come to the conclusion I don’t need those magazine articles from 1990. As much as I like that article on the exciting, new Macintosh IIfx, I don’t need it. Sometimes, I have to move on!

My desk at home and work has plenty of papers, but there is one product that has helped me get a handle on the paper clutter. Evernote is software for Windows, Mac, smart phone and tablets. You can also access it from their website.

It’s a handy program that allows me to take notes wherever I go. I can even take a photo of a handwritten note and the program will convert it to text. I will also clip web pages.

If you’re looking for something that will combat your paper Mount Everest, I recommend it. Now where did I put that shovel?