West Palm, Spring Break, and Palm Sunday

Cartoon of two children with palm branches
Last month, I got to spend spring break in Florida with my wife and daughter. Each time I’ve gone down for spring break, palm branches would be on my mind. For a kid from Indiana, they are exotic. But in Florida, they are as common as Indiana maple leaves. 

When something is common to us, it loses its meaning. To the disciples, that Sunday when Jesus entered Jerusalem could have been just another amazing day with their teacher. They had three years of amazing days. It may have felt common. But soon, they would realize how amazing that event was. In less than a week, the crowd would turn on the one they praised with “Hosannas.”

I drew this in 2010 for Kidzmatter Magazine

It’s Saturday, and Palm Sunday is Coming!

Boy holding palm branch. The text reads, "Palm Sunday is Coming!"
Copyright 2017, Kevin H. Spear

Tomorrow will be a day that makes full use of the palm branch industry across the country. Many churches will have kids marching into big church with palm branches held high.

I love Palm Sunday because it is a time of celebration before the drama of Passion Week. We go from the high of Palm Sunday to the low of Good Friday, and back to the high of Easter Sunday. Life is that way. We have highs and lows. Sometimes there are in the course of a day. Take time to celebrate the high points in your life. And when the low points come, remember that things are cyclical. Eventually, a high point will come again. 

I drew this in the Adobe Illustrator Draw app. It was a quick sketch on my iPhone. 

Cartoon: Palm Sunday in Florida

Cartoon of two children with palm branches

Cartoon of  two children with palm branches. One says, “I thought Palm Sunday was when everyone went to Florida for spring break.”

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