Honoring Dad

Cartoon of father and son
Cartoon of a father and son. The son says, “You know, Dad, it’s hard to honor my father when he dresses like this.”

What do you know! I found an Internet connection at our vacation get away.

My son is giving me that look. It’s the look that says, “I am much more grown up than you, now.”

I expect that from a teen. After all, I’m trying to stay young and a fifteen-year old is trying to act so grown up. All in all, he’s a great kid and he honors me much more than I deserve. I really am trying to stay away from the red and green, polka-dot pants.

Excuse List

Caption reads: “I’ll get to my chores as soon as I finish my list of excuses why I shouldn’t to them.”

Oh, I have so many things to do this evening, but it sounds good just to sit back and let the evening roll along. At least I got the cartoon out for today. It was a rainy day and a Monday. Isn’t that the first and best excuse not to get something done this evening?

Kitty Wisdom

Caption reads: “If you are wise, you will think before you do that.”

No animals have been harmed in the production of this cartoon. We have a cat. The kids have been tempted to do such a thing, but so far, so good. I hope this doesn’t give them an idea.

A block of mercy

Caption: “Can I show mercy after I knock his block off?”

Mercy can be hard, can’t it? It’s especially hard with siblings. The only time siblings feel like giving mercy is when they are the ones in need of it. Just ask my siblings. I got much more mercy than I deserve. Wait a minute… you can’t earn mercy, can you?

Growing up

My son is growing. He’s taller than me now and isn’t done yet. I drew a doodle and tried a few captions out. It’s always good to try ten captions and pick one out of the group. Who knows! I may put this in finished form.