How a book can give wisdom

Cartoon of a dad and a boy with a broken window

Cartoon of a boy with a baseball bat and a broken window. An angry dad says, “That was NOT a wise choice, young man! Go inside and read Proverbs!”

I drew this old cartoon when I was thinking how I would need to discipline my newborn son. I believe he had to go to his rooms a few times, though I don’t remember if I specifically told him to read out of Proverbs!

When it comes to books in the Bible, Proverbs is unique.  There are no stories. It is a book of wise sayings that will keep you from big trouble if you follow its advice.

But reading Proverbs or any book does little good if you don’t put it into practice.  I have read many a book with great advice that I have never put into practice. The danger in that is you can feel you have accomplished something without really doing it. It’s all the satisfaction without the hard work!

My goal today is to actually put into practice what I’ve read today. Now where is that Bible?

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Can an old dog, or a new kid change?


Kids can be just as stubborn as older adults when it comes to change. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, change can be difficult!

Too often, adults know a change is coming, but figure kids will be able to deal with it because they are young. The truth is, every individual involved in a change needs to be informed and listened to, whether it’s the youngest or oldest member of a group.

So if a change is coming and it affects children, remember to be considerate of them and keep them informed in an age appropriate way. They have more in common with old dogs when it comes to teaching new tricks.

Cartoon: Bless Dad while Mom is gone

Caption reads: “Bless Mom on her trip. And bless this food even though all Dad knows how to make is cereal.”

The other day, my wife claimed if it wasn’t for her, I would not have been able to survive. It sounded like she believes all my instincts for surviving in the wild have been sucked out of my soul. I disagree. I could find wild berries with the best of them. Of course, I have no idea which are safe to eat and which are poisonous. Maybe she has a point.

I’ll continue helping with dinner while she directs the kitchen. Sounds like I have a good thing going.

Having a Heat Wave

Illustration of a girl and dad in Hawaiian garb.

When my daughter was seven, she found out her mom was serving shish kabobs for dinner. When she discovered this, she immediately searched for some beach party costumes we had stored and prodded me to celebrate. Since we were having shish kabobs, it was naturally a time for a luau, right?

Kids are great for parents because they teach grown ups to lighten up a little. When life gets tough, look for reasons to celebrate. Even if you can’t find something, observe your kids, they can teach us to lighten up and enjoy the world around us!

Float Them Down the River

Cartoon of a mom rushing to the aid of a baby in a basket. A boy says, "But if they did it to Moses, why can't I float him down the river?"

Cartoon of a mom rushing to the aid of a baby in a basket. A boy says, “But if they did it to Moses, why can’t I float him down the river?”

Don’t try this at home, kids! I drew this for the May, 2012 edition of the Church of God Newsletter.