Daredevils and Backsliders on the Playground

Teacher to student: "Curtis! What are you doing backsliding like that?"
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No matter where you are, there is always a kid on the playground that will test the boundaries of the rules. Some will be blatant about it. Some will subtly test the boundaries until someone notices.

The same kids grow up to test boundaries. You see every day on the highways. Speed limits are conquered, red lights are beaten and accidents happen. Continue reading “Daredevils and Backsliders on the Playground”

Taking Playground Safety Seriously

Cartoon of a business man jumping off a swing

Cartoon of a business man jumping off a swing. The caption says, “Playground tester, Cyrus Kolter demonstrates his graceful form as he jumps off a swing.”

My dad is an insurance guy. He spent his career as an underwriter. He sees safety hazards wherever he goes. Sometimes, that didn’t make trips to the playground fun. I didn’t realize the curly slides could be such a death trap.

All the same, he taught me to pay attention to my surroundings. Too many times, we assume a playground, a school or any public place is safe. While officials like Cyrus Kolter do their best to make these places attractive and without hazards, It’s always a good idea to pay attention and survey the area instead of plunging right in to that merry-go-round of misery.

Have fun, people! But play it safe too!

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How do you rate Vacation Bible School?

Cartoon of a boy talking to his mom about Vacation Bible school


Cartoon of a mother and son. The boy says, “I give this VBS an ‘A’ for snacks and a ‘B’ for decor.”

I drew this for the July, 2013 CHOG E-Newsletter for the Church of God

Achievable Goals

Cartoon of boy holding a frisbee

Cartoon of a boy holding a frisbee. The boy says, “They say start with achievable goals. Today, my goal is to catch this Frisbee®.”

The funny thing about goals is they can motivate you to get moving. But if you aren’t motivated, it’s hard to set goals. If you are down in the dumps, it can be easy to moan, “What’s the point?”

If you find yourself in this predicament, I’ve found that setting small goals can help get the momentum back in your favor. And yes, they can be a silly as catching a Frisbee® if that is important to you (and I find that to be an especially good goal if you can catch it behind your back or between your legs).

Often, I can get overwhelmed if I try to reach an unreachable, lofty  goal. If you find yourself in such a situation, break that big goal into little, reachable goals. Each positive step you take can get you moving in the right direction.

Green punch leads to strange visions

Three boys with green dye on their lips

The other night we had green punch at our church for a Saint Patrick’s Day celebration. The kids were drinking it as if it was going out of style. And you know what happened, don’t you? That’s right… green lips! It led to a condition we all know as “leprechaun lips.”

Some kids started grinning from ear-to-ear, and then show their big, green tongues. Other kids decided to give their best duck faces. The kids were having a blast, but the older group didn’t know what to make of it. The senior citizens that witnessed the mess looked on with  bemused, puzzled glances.

I love this about kids. Something as simple as green punch becomes a fun activity. Meanwhile, anyone older than twelve in the group wouldn’t dream of showing their newly created, odd appearance. It wouldn’t be proper, right?

What makes you inhibited? Are you afraid of acting like a fool? Are you more concerned with how you will look to people instead of having a little fun? Let it go! Have some fun with the kids today. Don’t worry about how other adults will perceive you. They are secretly wishing they could have some fun anyway!