Curly Slide Celebration

I remember when my daughter faced the challenge of the curly slide. She celebrated when she made it down on her own.

It’s those little successes that taste so sweet.

Illustration Friday: Geeky

If laptops were around thirty-five years ago, this probably would have been be. No, not the girl with the laptop, I would have been the boy looking over her shoulder and wishing I could use it.

I lived vicariously through others. Just ask my brother. I convinced him to by the comic books so I could read them.

Illustration Friday: Cars

When you live in Indiana, racing takes all your attention in May. Cars are a natural fit for this week’s theme.

It’s fun to see boys get all excited when they race cars. They can think up some original tracks. They combine racing with a theme park ride to make the ultimate car experience.

IF: Smoke

This time of year brings back great memories of leaf piles, trick or treating and Grandma’s strawberry pie (her pumpkin pie was okay but ooh! That strawberry!)

One of the things I’m not keen about growing up is when you have to act responsible when there is work to be done. Forget the raking! Can’t I just jump in those leaves once?

Of course, the other downside of growing up is the forty-year old, big body isn’t taking that jump in the leaves as that ten year-old body. Someone get the ambulance, please.