Why no one likes standardized tests

But Misses Kriegel! Why can't we have more standardized tests?

Teachers hate giving them. Students hate taking them. Parents hate seeing their kids endure them. Who likes standardized tests besides politicians and the makers of these tests?

You finally see some politicians take up the cause of less testing. But some fear the pressure has already done too much damage to students, parents and schools.

Whether standardized tests are good or not, there was never any good campaign to promote standardized tests with the public. The marketing was poor or nonexistent. It was merely seen as a measuring stick by which all schools should be measured. The problem is, if all a school has time to do is measure whether the kids are learning, there is never any time for teaching… or at least the kind of teaching that makes kids fall in love with lifetime learning.

Halloween and Politics

Cartoon of a man and vampire. A man says, “Wow, Michael! Congress really changed you!”Cartoon of a man and vampire. A man says, “Wow, Michael! Congress really changed you!”

According to a quick Internet search, Lord Acton was the one who originally said, “Power Corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

No matter who you are, the temptation is there to become a little vampire whenever you gain a little power. The more you get, the more the fangs start protruding and you begin fearing the light. Hey! no one is righteous, not even one.

On this Halloween night, be careful out there! Because the politicians will get you if you don’t watch out!

Webcomic: Political favors

Cartoon of a press conference. A reporter says, “Senator! Any truth to the rumor you exchanged political favors for RAM?”

This is an illustration I did back in 1996 for the sixth edition of the “New Rider’s Internet Yellow Pages.”

When I drew this, RAM was much more of an issue. Computers were powerful but RAM was still pricey. Today, I’m guessing politicians exchange Iphones for political favors.

New Rider’s Publishing and me own the copyright to this image. Please do not use without permission.

Stump Speech

Stump Speech 10/28/08, originally uploaded by speartoons.

A stump speech sounds… well, wooden, dead, kaput. What about the rest of the tree? Why cut down a tree just so someone can babble on and on? That’s what a blog is for. Get with the times!