Do it Today | Sketch Notes

These notes are based on Proverbs 6:4-11. Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today. It’s so easy to talk about, and so hard to do, isn’t it? The pastor really hit me with the remark, “Inspiration doesn’t change your life if you do nothing with it.” We must be intentional with our time. I have learned this as I have managed my time over the last year. When you are working for yourself, being a self-starter is critical!

These sermon notes are based on Salem Church of God‘s New Years Day 2017 sermon from Nathanael Lyon. Here is the video link.

Crooked Heart

Cartoon of a crook in a doctor's office

Cartoon of a crook in a doctor’s office. The caption says, “You have to help me, Doc. I need a transplant for my crooked heart.

I drew this for Illustration Friday. When I heard this week’s word, “crooked,” I thought of Proverbs 11:20. How does one change a crooked heart? With a transplant, of course!

I drew this in Adobe Ideas and Adobe Illustrator.

Here is what the sketch looked like in Adobe Ideas:

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Pride comes before a fall

Cartoon of a boy who is about to fall into a manhole. Another boy says, "I'm sorry you were proud. Just stop!"

Pride has a way of putting us in our place. So many times, I wanted to look good and not play the fool. Unfortunately, my pride was the thing that made me look like a fool.

Whenever I’ve looked down on someone, it has inevitably caused me to fall. Whenever I see a pundit or politician pumping himself up while tearing another person down, I get out of the way. Sooner or later, that guy is going to fall!

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

Cartoon of  a boy and a teacher. The boy says, “Everyone thinks I am wise until you call on me and I have to open my mouth!”
I based this cartoon on Proverbs 13:3.

Falling Pride

Cartoon of boy with bike helmetCartoon of boy with a bike helmet. He says to another boy, “Since pride comes before a fall, I’m wearing a helmet.” Continue reading “Falling Pride”