Safety is the best policy

Cartoon of a boy with a cast and a teacher

Cartoon of a boy with a cast. He says to a teacher, “Do you want to see the reason you had to rewrite your safety policy?”

What will kids be like in 100 years?

My youngest child with be eighteen years-old in a few weeks. That has me thinking about the future. Today’s kids have electronic gadgets I would have never dreamed about when my brother and I were playing Star Trek in our dad’s old pickup truck. It never ended well for our dad. When we pushed the old Chevy into warp speed, we frequently flooded the engine.

My brother and I where sure we’d have flying cars when we were adults. Yes, we’re still waiting on that one. Now that I have driven for thirty years, I realize, flying vehicles in the hands of some people would be quite the disaster. But driverless cars? Who but Google would’ve though about that?

Will my great grandkids see Star Trek type technology in their life time? Will they grab a snack from a 3D printer? Will Google still be around or will they think of Internet search engines the same way we look at Model T Fords?

Here are my predictions for what kids will be like in the year 2114:

  • Kids will still need a loving home
  • Kids will still need boundaries and they will test them
  • Kids will take the newest, most well-designed gadget and find a way to break it.

We may not be able to predict all the circumstances our descendants will face in one hundred years, but we can be sure kids will still be kids, and good parents and teachers will be sorely needed.

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Miracle in School Supplies

Cartoon of mother and son

Cartoon of a mom and son in a store. The son says, “They don’t have anything on my back-to-school list. I don’t have to go to school. It’s a miracle!”

School of Love

Cartoon of two teachers

Cartoon of Teacher at blackboard with, “Will you marry me?” written on it. The caption says, “When teachers fall in love…”

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A Fair Fare

Cartoon of a boy and a man with a letter

Cartoon of a boy and a dad with a letter. The boy says, “It seems only fair. If I have to do homework, you have to report for jury duty.”