2/11/16 – DISCovering Your Unique Value – Career Connectors

Cartoon of a woman saying to a man, “Your DISC Assessment came back. Your so unique, your classified as a square.”

On February 11, 2016, I blogged for the Scottsdale Career Connectors event. Sandi Ashton (with Optimizing Excellence) spoke on using your DISC assessment personality profile can help you in a job search and your personal life. Continue reading “2/11/16 — DISCovering Your Unique Value — Career Connectors”

11/12/15 – The Power of You – Career Connectors

Scottsdale hills
Scottsdale hills (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had the privilege to blog for last week’s Career Connector’s event in Scottsdale. Gloria Petersen with Global Protocol gave us great advice on presenting ourselves in the best light. She also challenged us to make challenges work for us, not against us. Here is an excerpt and link to the blog recap:

Determination is what it takes to beat the odds.  When Gloria went through a trial, she had to persevere to make it through the other side. That is the power of each one of us. […]

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Why on Earth would we move from Indiana to Arizona?

A farmer looks at a saguaro cactus with corn characteristics
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In July of 2015, my wife, son and I tearfully said goodbye to friends, family, and most of all, my daughter. My wife, son and I made a trek from the Hoosier Heartland of Pendleton, Indiana to the Sonoran Desert and Scottsdale, Arizona. It was our first big move for my family. Neither my wife nor I lived more than one hundred miles from our birthplaces. Why on earth would we do such a thing? There was one big reason why we did this.

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